The Best Penlights – Light Mightier than a Sword

The penlight: it’s small, lightweight, and convenient, which is perfect for sticking in your pocket. They don’t usually break any records in terms of brightness, but you can count on them in terms of any other department, including affordability. And best of all, when somebody asks you for something to sign their checks with, you can slip them one of these and they’ll never know what hit ‘em! That said, here’s a list of some of the best penlights in the galaxy (or at least the solar system).


Coast G20 Inspection Penlight

This is a heavy-duty inspection penlight that doesn’t (have much going for it) in the lumen department. It looks cool and is water resistant and has a pretty small price tag, but it’s not exactly a (search light). This little tool is great for examining all those little nooks and crannies wherever you might find them (such as when you’re navigating the jungle of cords behind your television). It has knurling on the body of the pen which not only helps you hold it, but it also looks a lot sleeker. This is a good light if you don’t need something that’s super bright and just want something that will last you a long time.

Brightness: 40 lumens

Length: 5.7

Runtime: 15 hours


Streamlight Stylus Pro

Here’s a big brand penlight that’s durable, bright, and not too expensive. This light is bright enough for general usage and lasts for quite a while. It also comes with a holster which could be nice if you ever find yourself in the wild west. If you’re looking for something that’s bright but not too bright, then be sure to check this thing out.

Brightness: 100 lumens

Length: 5.3 inches

Runtime: 10 hours


CAVN Nurse Penlight

This penlight looks enough like an actual pen that it could easily be mistaken for one. Of course, instead of an ink tip, it has a lightbulb. As far as penlights go, this model is about as basic as you can get. It’s marketed as a doctor’s tool, but it’s a great light for any simple task (in other words, it would not be suitable for flip-flop mountain climbing in the dark). It doesn’t come with batteries, but you do get two penlights for a very cheap price (of course, that also means you need four AAA batteries handy). If you don’t want to spend more money than you have to, this penlight will get the job done.

Brightness: 100 lumens

Length: 5.5 inches

Runtime: 10 hours


Infray LED Penlight

This thing has “stealth mode” written all over it. It’s shiny, black, and has a certain texture that makes it look like it could turn invisible when you touch it. This penlight is very slim and bright and has three different light modes (high, low, and strobe). It can apparently also throw a beam the length of 2.5 basketball fields, which could be helpful you’re watching two games of basketball at the same time when the power suddenly goes out. If you’re looking for a mid-tier flashlight that’s bright, small, and versatile, then this one is well worth the price.

Brightness: 220 lumens

Length: 5.7 inches

Runtime: 15 hours


Lumintop Penlight

Did someone say stylish? Well, that’s exactly what this penlight is and is mostly what makes it stand out from the rest. It’s also really small and lightweight and moderately bright. It has low, medium, and high brightness settings for when you only need so much light. The price tag may be a bit high, but you’re really paying for its impressive portability and quality finish. So if your budget is on the higher side, then this one might be worth the investment.

Brightness: 125 lumens

Length: 5 inches

Runtime: 17 hours


Opoway Nurse Penlight

The biggest difference between this “nurse” penlight and the previous “nurse” penlight is the fact that this one is black. It’s not quite as bright, which is a downer unless you want your light to last as long as possible. It also costs a little more, but that makes sense given how it includes four AAA batteries. If you want your penlight to be black instead of rose (and don’t want to run to the store for batteries), then be sure to give this one a shot.

Brightness: 50 lumens

Length: 5.3

Runtime: 20 hours


GearLight LED Penlight

Apparently, this thing gets so toasty that they had to put a “HOT” warning on the tip of the light. But other than that, it’s pretty cool. The body design is neat with all of its ridges and knurling. This penlight would be good for basically all general activities, especially given its brightness. Even though the batteries are not included, the price is pretty great. This would be good for anyone who wants a more tactical penlight but doesn’t have a big budget.

Brightness: 120 lumens

Length: 5.25

Runtime: 18 hours


Rayovac Penlight

This is a very small, lightweight penlight that can only produce 20 lumens (about two candles worth of brightness), but the price is ridiculously low. It only comes in orange, so forget trying to rhyme with it. This flashlight is really only good if you just need a little bit of light, but it is super convenient and the power switch looks just like a real pen. If you like your flashlights to be expendable, then it might be worth it to get a bunch of these and stick them everywhere you can find a place for them. You’ll most likely (probably) never be at a loss of light again!

Brightness: 20 lumens

Length: 4 inches

Runtime: 10 hours


Those were some of the best penlights you can find under the sun. Now you’ll be able to pretend to write something without actually writing anything, but this time you’ll be able to see the nothing that you’re writing! Of course, there are quite a few other things you can do with a penlight as well, but maybe you were unsure of their true potential.

Hopefully you found this article to be helpful. If you have any questions or concerns (or just want to type something), then be sure to leave a comment below.

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