The Best Streamlight Flashlights – Daring to be Durable

Perhaps you’re familiar with Streamlight and are wondering what some of their best flashlights are. Or maybe you have no idea what Streamlight is (but still want to know what flashlights they have to offer). Well, whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Streamlight is a flashlight company located in Pennsylvania that likes to make hand-held or otherwise equally portable flashlights that are bright and reliable. Luckily for us, that means that there exist hundreds of great models that can serve someone for years. Here, I’ve narrowed all the flashlights down to what I’ve determined to be some of the best Streamlight flashlights you can get your hands on.


Streamlight 88061 ProTac LED Flashlight

This may look like a simple flashlight, but I bet you didn’t know that it’s compatible with two different types of batteries. Not impressed? Check out the shock-proof LED technology that’s more durable than ever. And if that doesn’t do it for you, need I mention that it has a clip?

If you couldn’t tell, this flashlight is surprisingly versatile. It’s small, bright, and has a mid-tier price tag. If you want something to cover all the bases, then be sure to put this one to the test.

Max Brightness: 350 lumens

Light Modes: high, medium, low, strobe

Length: 4.2 inches

Runtime on Highest Setting: 1.5 hours

Batteries: one CR123A (included), one AA (included)


Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Penlight

If you have a hard time picking a color for a flashlight, then you won’t be happy to hear that this one is available in five different colors (it boasts six, but there are only five you can actually get). This is a pretty basic penlight that’s good for casual usage like reading or inspecting.

It has a pretty impressive runtime and also comes with a holster in case you don’t want to use your pockets. This is a great option if you’re not into all those crazy durable flashlights and don’t want something that costs your next five allowances.

Max Brightness: 100 lumens

Light Modes: high, low

Length: 5.3 inches

Runtime on Highest Setting: 8 hours

Batteries: two AA’s (included)


Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 Tactical LED Flashlight

This one sort of looks like a camcorder, but believe it or not, Streamlight has not produced a single one of those. What you actually see here is basically a miniature tank that happens to have a built-in flashlight. It was designed to be used on a gun, so it’s super durable with crazy strong aluminum and glass components, but it’s also pretty small and light.

This could be good for actually putting on a gun or just for the sake of having an indestructible flashlight. If you don’t mind the altitudinous price tag and want to be able to run the thing over with your car without breaking it, then you might not find a flashlight better than this one.

Max Brightness: 800 lumens

Light Modes: high, strobe

Length: 3.4 inches

Runtime on Highest Setting: 1.5 hours

Batteries: two CR123A’s (included)


Streamlight 66608 Microstream Rechargeable Flashlight

This one isn’t called “microstream” for nothing. It’s super small and super bright and is really just a lot of flashlight crammed into a space that could barely contain your thumb. It’s rechargeable, so you never have to worry about replacing the batteries, but it also makes it more susceptible to water damage (so don’t drop it in a pool).

This flashlight could be good for carrying around as long as it isn’t exposed much to the elements. If you’re looking for small and compact, this is the flashlight for you.

Max Brightness: 250 lumens

Light Modes: high, low

Length: 4 inches

Runtime on Highest Setting: 1.5 hours

Batteries: Li-ion (built-in)


Streamlight 88850 PolyTac LED Flashlight

Here’s a very compact flashlight with a lot of grip. It may look like your basic flashlight, but it’s surprisingly hefty. It has a removable clip, which makes it easier to carry, and a tail-end button that can be slightly depressed for momentary light.

It’s not too expensive, but you definitely get your money’s worth especially for how bright this one is. If you’re looking for a flashlight that’s got guts but doesn’t go overboard with it, then be sure to give this one a shot.

Max Brightness: 600 lumens

Light Modes: high, medium, low, strobe

Length: 5.2 inches

Runtime on Highest Setting: 3 hours

Batteries: two CR123A’s (included)


Streamlight 88834 LED Right-Angle Flashlight

If you thought other flashlights could get toasty, this one clocks in at a whole ninety degrees. Of course, I’m talking angles, not temperature. Right-angle flashlights are made for setting on the ground or putting in your pocket with the beam still pointed forward.

This particular model is small, bright, and just all around convenient. It comes with a removeable clip in case you want to attach it to your belt or hang it from a hook. If you want the bulb on your flashlight to be positioned in such a way that it aims forward even if it’s standing up, then this one has the right angle for you.

Max Brightness: 170 lumens

Light Modes: high, low, strobe

Length: 5.2 inches

Runtime on Highest Setting: 4 hours

Batteries: one CR123A (included)


Streamlight 61702 Rechargeable LED Headlight

Here’s an odd-looking flashlight. It’s basically just a headlight that’s good at produce a diffuse beam. In contrast to a typical flashlight, it casts fewer shadows and is under a lower profile. It comes with a clip to attach the light to your baseball cap and a head strap to attach the light to (you guessed it) your head.

This can be used for activities where you don’t want to draw a lot of attention to yourself whether you’re inside or outside. Give this flashlight a try if you want to do stuff with your hands free (and if you like to be more incognito).

Max Brightness: 180 lumens

Light Modes: high, low, flash

Length: 2.7 inches

Runtime on Highest Setting: 2 hours

Batteries: Li-poly (built-in)


Streamlight 88066 ProTac LED Flashlight

Designed to be mounted on a gun, this flashlight can survive almost anything. You can drop it in water, stick it in the freezer, or whack it against a wall. As long as you don’t throw it into the fiery chasm of Mount Doom, this flashlight should be able to take it. It also has remote switch functionality in case you don’t want press the button on the flashlight.

This is the brightest flashlight on this list and is well worth its high price tag. If you want something that’s really durable and really bright, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Max Brightness: 1000 lumens

Light Modes: high, low, strobe

Length: 5.4 inches

Runtime on Highest Setting: 1.5 hours

Batteries: two CR123A’s (included), one 18650 (not included)


This has been a list of some of the best Streamlight flashlights on the market. Now you’ll be able to light up your next crazy expedition whether you’re crossing the Cascades or sauntering through the Sahara (or just walking down the street). You can count on your flashlight to be loyal when you need it—just don’t bequeath it to the void under your dryer.

Hopefully you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or concerns (or just want to type something) then be sure to leave a comment below.

20 thoughts on “The Best Streamlight Flashlights – Daring to be Durable

  1. E are preparing for camping with my family and there us need to get some needed equipments for emergencies and I decided to get a torchlight. This is really immense here and surely provides to me a worthy purchase. Thank you so much for giving so many options. I like the Streamlight 88061 ProTac LED Flashlight because it is more versatile and the fact that it works with two batteries, that is a big turn on for me. Thanks

    1. It’s important to have a good flashlight when camping and it’s hard to go wrong with Streamlight. I’m glad this article was of some use to you. Hope you enjoy your camping trip!

  2. These are really fine selections of flashlights you listed here. Durability is one thing that matters in anythtwe buy and lately with some other companies coming up, there have been some really poor quality stuffs around the place. I may not be in need of these flashlights, maybe not yet, but starting from its size its really nice and one can easily put it in his pocket, and the quality is really cool as well. I’ll share to other people incase they need to get a durable flashlight. Nice being here.

    1. Durability is very important, but it really depends on what you need a flashlight for. Of course, the better built a flashlight is, the longer it will last. I have seen many flashlights by sketchy companies that have been said to break within a week, so it’s always good to do your research. I’m glad you enjoyed this article.

  3. Oh, wow. This is pretty nice. Streamlight has everything from LED to head lights and the real deal in flash lights. I see the that the battery for mot of these lights are very durable and they have really good lights too. I  am not just so sure of the life time of the flashlights especially when they are used frequently. Will i get reviews from the links given here?

    1. Streamlight seems to have it all in terms of flashlights. The lifetime of a flashlight will vary, but some Streamlight flashlights can last up to 30,000 hours of use. All the links direct you to where you can find reviews for the products.

  4. Hi there,

    An impressive list of Streamlight flashlights! As I often go sailing on the weekend, I need a flashlight, especially in the evening, it gets quite dark out there:) So I have chosen the Streamlight 88066 ProTac LED Flashlight because even if it falls in the water, it won’t break. I just would like to know what the warranty limit time is?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Nighttime sailing sounds like quite an adventure! I’m sure the 88066 ProTac will be able to survive falling into water, but it may not do so well when it descends into the depths of the ocean (or lake, or sea). Streamlight offers a lifetime warranty against defects and a two-year standard warranty. You can find all the details on their website.

  5. Thank you so much  for this review. My father had one flash light and I think it was the streamlight 88066 protac and it was quite a good one and could point quite a distance away even though it wouldn’t cover a wide area it does cover a long distance. Im no longer sure about how long it lasted but I’m pretty sure it is till stocked somewhere in the house. I’ll recommend him this just in case he needs a new stream light.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this article! It sounds like the ProTac served your father well if he still has it. Hopefully it still works, but I guess it couldn’t hurt to have two Streamlight flashlights.

  6. I live in the Caribbean, and it can sometimes be stressful when hurricane season comes up. You never really know what to do or what to get regarding flashlights. I was just curious as to if this company does international shipping? And also, do they have flashlights that can be charged with solar power??

    1. If you go to the Streamlight website, there is a place to search for retailers that carry their flashlights based on where they ship to. So if you live somewhere that the Streamlight website does not ship to, there will likely be another retailer that does. As for solar-powered flashlights, I do not think Streamlight has produced a single one. However, if you are looking for a flashlight that can harness the power of the sun, then you might find this article helpful.

  7. Thanks for the helpful information on flashlights, I like the last one on the list, the Protac led flashlight, with 1000 lumens it will be sure to guide me with ease on those dark nites when the power goes out. You supplied a great list of lights and found the information to be very helpful, thanks.

  8. Before I get into torches, which I will in due course, just wanted to mention that my pockets are full of stuff. Loose change, screws, nuts, kitchen roll (just the sheets) tyre valve caps, to name but a few. So you know you’re not alone. Pockets are like kitchen worktop space, they needed something in/on them.

    I have had a proper big yellow torch for years, it is the second of its kind, the first just gave up. The problem I have is that it gets used rarely but it needs to be ready, just in case. Then I lost the charger. Last week I had a day of de-cluttering (adding more to my pocket stash) and found the charger. Did I mention that I lost the charger, that was over a year ago. So, when tidying up I found the charger, plugged it in and it took a charge. Turned it on and it died within a minute.

    The next one needs to be everlasting with minimal amounts of charge drop-off between usage. Mega powerful as the back yard is long and dark, I’m thinking Streamlight 88850 PolyTac LED Flashlight. Looks the business.

    1. It sounds like you’re a bit of a mechanic! Screws, nuts, and tire valve caps seem like they would come in handy a lot. As for de-cluttering, I might need some of that myself. That’s one thing about carrying stuff around—some things you don’t use that often, but when you do need it, you’re glad you had it with you. I’m sure a Streamlight flashlight will serve you well. If any flashlight company means business, it’s Streamlight.

  9. Oh, this is very good here. I have to say that i am very impressed with all the individual flashlights you have put out here. Streamlight seems to have so much to offer and they have done that over the years. I am pretty impressed with what i see because i am looking to buy a couple for the house and they all seem to get me. Do you think the LED is the best type in the list? Should i go for that?

    1. Some of the LED bulbs in this list can last up to 30,000 hours of use, so they are a great choice for the long term. If you just need some flashlights to store around the house, then size shouldn’t matter too much. The 88066 ProTac would be a great candidate for just that and it should last a very long time.

  10. Getting prepared for camp or anything else to ensure we are security conscious would require us to get something that can always illuminate the dark and for this, I need a torchlight because it is very handy and very easy to carry around. hence, i like the list you have compiled here and surely the one I favour more from here is the Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Penlight. I love how small it is and the fact that I can use it without even knowing I have such in my hand.

    1. Small flashlights are great. They’re usually light and they fit in your pockets and some of them are exceptionally bright. The Stylus Pro is all that and more.

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