The Cheapest Flashlights – Light Bulbs on a Budget

Flashlights are a great thing to carry around, but sometimes they can be a little more expensive than what you’re willing to pay for—especially when it comes to the fancy ones. Sometimes all you need is something that glows and don’t need a light that can simulate the middle of the day when it’s night. Although I believe having a quality flashlight is priceless, here are some options that really are priceless. Well, not really, but you can count on them being within your budget. Here’s a list of eight of the cheapest flashlights.


The Navigator

Apparently, this flashlight will help you navigate stuff or something; at least, that’s what the name implies. This tiny little thing is about four inches long and can produce a light up to 250 lumens in brightness. It also supposedly lasts for hours. With three separate light modes and a water-resistant seal, the Navigator will doubtless serve you well when you’re in a pinch—and you can’t argue with the price, especially when the batteries are included.

Brightness: 250 lumens

Length: 4 inches

Battery Life: 4 hours


Outlite A100

Here’s a nifty tactical flashlight can produce a 500 lumen beam and has five different light modes, including strobe and SOS patterns. It lasts about 5 hours, which is exceptional given the price. It’s waterproof and has skid-proof and anti-fall designs—and if you ever need to break a window, this little thing is up to the task. Although not the brightest flashlight, this thing can really take a hit and will certainly last a while.

Brightness: 500 lumens

Length: 5.3 inches

Battery Life: 5 hours


PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight

A little more expensive than the last one, this flashlight can pump out double the brightness, clocking in at an impressive 1000 lumens (that’s about the same as a car headlight). This is a durable, water-resistant flashlight, but it also has rechargeable batteries! The batteries should last about 5 hours with a 5-hour recharge time. If the rechargeable battery ends up not working, it can always be replaced with three triple A’s. This one may be a bit expensive for a being a “cheap” flashlight, but the extra cost is definitely worth it.

Brightness: 1000 lumens

Length: 5.3 inches

Battery Life: 5 Hours


J5 Tactical Flashlight

According to the manufacturer, this flashlight is virtually indestructible. It apparently survived being run over by a truck! Unfortunately, it can only produce a beam at a maximum of 300 lumens (which isn’t awful, but it could be better). It also doesn’t seem to last very long and reportedly dies after two hours of use at maximum brightness. However, its durability makes it great for carrying around—and it’s even got a nifty little clip to keep it in place. Not to mention the flashlight just looks awesome.

Brightness: 300 lumens

Length: 4 inches

Battery Life: 2 hours


Maglite Solitaire LED Flashlight

This flashlight makes its mark by being a very small, conveniently-shaped flashlight that’s also really cheap. This little thing is only capable of producing about 50 lumens and lasts less than two hours, but it’s not even four inches long. It’s not super durable, but it is water resistant. If you’ve always wanted a flashlight on your keychain and won’t be doing any mountain climbing or other rigorous activities, then this flashlight will probably suit your needs.

Brightness: 50 lumens

Length: 3.2 inches

Battery Life: 2 hours


BYB Mini Aluminum Flashlight

This flashlight comes in a pack of four and is super cheap. It’s basically disposable, which is good for someone who tends to lose things. It only produces 30 lumens, but that’s pretty acceptable given the size and price. This flashlight has a very simple design made of aluminum and even has four colors (since this is a four-pack, they’re all included). I cannot recommend this as a long-term investment, but these lights should serve you in a pinch.

Brightness: 30 lumens

Length: 3.5 inches

Battery Life: 5 hours


Hatori Mini LED Flashlight

If any flashlight is portable, it’s gotta be this one. Not only is it super small, but it has a clip much like that of a pen (and so called a “pen light”). With only an aluminum shell to protect the fragile technology on the inside, this flashlight is very susceptible to breaking. However, it is a pen light and was designed for more laid-back purposes. So as long as you don’t go dropping your flashlight as you throw it to yourself while running down the sidewalk, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Brightness: 150 lumens

Length: 3.5 inches

Battery Life: 2 hours


Coast G20 LED Flashlight

Believe it or not, but this flashlight comes in five different colors. It’s also another pen light that’s perfect for late night reading. It’s not very bright, only producing 40 lumens, but is super sleek and pretty durable. Definitely not the flashlight for exploring the deep woods, but is great for leisurely activities.

Brightness: 40 lumens

Length: 5.5 inches

Battery Life: 3 hours


This has been a list of some of the cheapest flashlights for anyone who doesn’t want to break the bank for a portable light source—especially when you just want to be able to walk to the bathroom at night without tripping over a book (or whatever you put on the floor). Although it’s said that you get what you pay for, sometimes the cheap things are really all you need. 

Hopefully you found this post helpful. If you have any questions you’d light me to shed some light on, go ahead and post them below.


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